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Coming Soon!

Coming November 2018! 

Found (The Eternal Throne Series, book 1)

Kimberly O’Brian is a successful attorney working for a leading firm in the city. Her life is a daily grind of keeping clients out of jail and she’s damn good at her job. She works with no play. Until a new client walks into her life.


John McMahon is the king of the vampire race. Born unto the throne, he’s spent years searching for the queen to his throne. When he accidentally finds Kimberly O’Brian, it sets off a series of events that fate has in store for her to become his queen, taking her rightful place by his side. Except, convincing the attorney of her destiny will prove to be challenging, not only for John and his family, but for Kim as well.


What happens when Kimberly learns of her true history and future? What happens when Kimberly refuses to accept her new life? What happens when a faction of John’s race doesn’t want the queen to ascend to the throne and will do whatever is necessary to prevent that from happening?


Will John lose Kimberly before he ever truly has her?




  • Book 4 in The Men of Law Series

  • A Vegas Nights Series – book 1 – (A spinoff series from Gamble, book 3, (The Men of Law series))