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Free Stories

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Free specifically for CC fans! A contemporary romance novel, released in serial format.

Hell’s Fury is the most dangerous motorcycle club on the planet, with membership world wide. Cage is VP of the club and when he meets Delaney, he decides he wants her. And the fact that she’s married is just an annoying blip he easily gets rid of. Except, he spends the next year of his life, avoiding her at all costs. Afraid that he’ll lose the self-control he proudly possesses. Because Delaney is the one person who could make him lose all rationale.

Delaney had no idea when she plopped down next to Cage at that bar her life would be forever changed. She’s spent the past year secluded, by a husband she never expected to have. When she finally musters up the will to ask for a divorce, Cage suddenly changes his attitude toward her. But that doesn’t change her mind.

Delaney needs to leave and devises a plan to make her departure happen. But will Cage allow her to walk away? Or will he hunt her down and teach her that his wife will never be allowed to walk away? Or will Delaney come crawling back, begging for his help? Or will Cage’s rivals finally find a weapon to use against him?